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Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Are you facing a criminal charge or DUI and don't know who to turn to for advice or representation? The criminal justice system can be both confusing and intimidating. When you need professional advocacy to get you through difficult times, entrust your case to Ronald L. Collins, Attorney at Law, an experienced criminal defense and DUI attorney who is dedicated to fighting for you.
Coupon, Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearfield, PA
We have been defending people in court for more then twenty (20) years, and our practice is focused exclusively on criminal defense. We do it day in and day out, so we know how the system works. We also understand how important your case is, and we will be with you every step of the way. And, while no one can promise the outcome of any given case, we can promise that we - including our highly educated and trained staff - will give you an honest and fair assessment of your case, develop the best strategy for defending you, explain the law and your best options in clear and simple terms, and do whatever we can to help
Emphasizing in:
   •  DUI or DWI
   •  Drug Offense
   •  Sex Offense
   •  Traffic Offenses
   •  Homicide
   •  Arson
   •  Burglary
   •  Expungement
   •  Theft
   •  Gun Offense
   •  Assault
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