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Criminal Law Representation and DUI in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

A DUI can seriously impact your life and your employment. We will throughly examine your case to offer you the best defense possible. We will at whether the police had probable cause to stop you, whether they followed the right procedures in securing from you a blood or breath test, whether there were any flaws in the test results, and any other circumstances which could be used to defend you. We will keep you informed of the progress of your case at all times and you will see every piece of evidence the Commonwealth has against you. We will even secure and provide you with a copy of any video the police may have of you so that you can watch it for yourself. In short, we will do whatever we can to protect you from what could be devastating consequences.
Court, Criminal Law Representation in Clearfield, PA

Assault Charges
The potential penalties for assault charges can vary widely depending upon the circumstances and the severity of any alleged injuries. Some assaults can even negatively impact your future gun ownership rights, particularly if the incident is alleged to be a “domestic violence”� case. It is important that you have representation as early as possible because some assault cases can be dealt with in alternative ways at the preliminary hearing before they get all the way to court.

Drug Charges

Some drug offenses carry heavy mandatory jail sentences depending upon the charge and the type and amount of the alleged controlled substance. There can also be a suspension of your driver's license even if no vehicle was involved. Very often, complex legal issues regarding the arrest itself and any ensuing search arise in drug offenses, so it is extremely important that you discuss your case with us as early as possible.

Sex Offenses
Sex offenses can have severe consequences including mandatory prison sentences and sexual offender registration. When the police are investigating sexual offenses, they very often will want you to come speak with them. DO NOT DO THAT WITHOUT SPEAKING WITH US FIRST! The investigating police are NOT your friends. Their purpose in trying to speak with you is not so much to hear your side of the story, but rather to see if they can get you to make a statement which can be used against you. You are NOT required to speak with the police, and you should not do so until you first consult with us. It is especially important for you NOT to take a polygraph test without having first discussed the matter with us.

Criminal Expungement
Pennsylvania does have procedures for the expungement of some criminal records, but it is limited. Please call us to see if you qualify. If you do qualify, getting an expungement can be very beneficial because it is extremely easy for anyone, including potential employers, to do a criminal history background check on you.

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